Tottie Goldsmith Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

<strong>Tottie Goldsmith Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.</strong>

It was third time unlucky (or is it lucky? Flushing toilets and air-con awaits!) after Tottie Goldsmith was ejected from the so-called jungle on tonight’s episode I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

After sitting in the ejector seat for the third night in a row, Tottie could no longer dodge the cruel hand of fate when she failed to guess the amount of yabbies in a box and eyeballs in a jar and was flung backwards into a bottomless creek. This show is legit bonkers.

Founding member of iconic Aussie pop group The Chantoozies, actor, presenter, Order of Australia Medal recipient, self-declared namer of U2 album. There’s not a lot Tottie can’t do, and now she can add campmate and eater of cow urine-soaked century egg to her resume.

While in the jungle, Tottie bravely opened up about being wrongfully accused of drug possession and the media circus that followed, she revealed the difficult relationship she had with her biological mother who had told her new family that Tottie was the nanny, and she blew Brooke’s mind when she dropped that Australia’s sweetheart, Olivia Newton John, was her auntie. Tottie came into the Aussie jungle as a late arrival, but left a piece of her inside everyone’s heart.

Also on the show tonight, is it even I’m A Celebrity if we don’t have footage of a celebrity dry reaching in to a vomit bucket? 

Chris and Julia summoned David, Cal and Poh for the eating trial before it was up to the Jungle Gods (aka the trial producer concealed beneath the table armed with a magnet) to decide which celebrity would eat which disgusting food. Despite the hideous menu on offer, the trio won nine out of nine stars.

Back at camp, it was time for Joey to be put to the ultimate test as he fielded a bunch of questions pertaining to Australia. He fumbled momentarily when he thought Denzel Washington was the Prime Minister of Australia, but in the end Mr. Essex was officially granted his Australian Jungle Citizenship. Prime Minister Washington would be so proud.

Before Tottie returned to the land of hot showers and food that doesn’t arrive in a sack, she dobbed in Brooke, Dylan, Nathan and Joey for tomorrow night’s trial before we say goodbye to yet another celebrity.


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