Too Spicy for the Spice Girls as they exit My Kitchen Rules

Too Spicy for the Spice Girls as they exit My Kitchen Rules

The first team has departed the My Kitchen Rules competition with NSW‟s „Spice Girls‟ Jessie and Biswa polling the lowest Instant Restaurant score ever for their dinner event.

After a disastrous night in the kitchen saw the girls score just 41/110 for their Indian meal, they pulled out some low voting in subsequent episodes but it couldn‟t save them from being the first team eliminated from the competition.

While the girls have polarised viewers with their candid appraisals of their competitors‟ food, likening one dish to poo and refusing to eat some ingredients, they stand by their honest opinions.

“We were just open and honest and transparent and that‟s who we are,” says Jessie. “We‟re really proud of what we‟ve done together. We would‟ve liked to have cooked a bit more because food means a lot to me and is very close to my heart.”

Adds Biswa: “We‟re a bit disappointed we couldn‟t stay and show everybody and ourselves that we‟re good cooks. But we have no regrets at all, it‟s been fantastic.”

Group 2 starts their round of instant restaurants tonight t (Thursday, February 7) in Victoria as cousins “Smiley” Sam and Chris don their aprons. These young guns have an ambitious and funky Melbourne feast on the menu, but will everything go to plan?
My Kitchen Rules airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on Seven

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