Tom Bites Off More Than He Can Chew.

Tom Bites Off More Than He Can Chew.

For this elimination round, the judges revealed images of 14 different cuts of game meat and the contestants had to identify as many meats as possible.

After the scores were tallied, the bottom five cooks were Tommy, Aaron, Kishwar, Pete and Tom. In round two they had to cook with venison, duck, rabbit, kangaroo, emu, squab, wild boar, pheasant, quail, crocodile, goat, wallaby, camel or buffalo. 

Kishwar’s traditional Bengali rezala was rich and floral, and the goat was perfectly cooked. 

Aaron was super nervous to be in the elimination tasting room for the first time but Andy said his dish was solid.

Tommy presented his beer food pheasant spread, admitting he hadn’t cooked pheasant before. It was a knockout dish.

It all came down to Tom and Pete. Tom’s crocodile was overcooked on the inside and undercooked outside, while Pete’s flavours were hard to wrangle but his quail was cooked to perfection. In the end, it was Tom’s croc that saw his time in the MasterChef kitchen come to an end.


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