Todd Sampson’s Body Hack. 29 September

Todd Sampson’s Body Hack. 29 September

This week Todd Sampson’s Body Hack looks at Voodoo.

Travelling to voodoo’s cultural home of Benin, Todd Sampson undergoes his own voodoo initiation, hoping to delve past the stigma to truly understand what has drawn more than 60 million devotees to this unique and powerful religion.  

Branded as a cult of black magic with pop culture cliches of animal sacrifices and devil worship, Voodoo has a misunderstood history rooted in slavery.

Drawn to the power of faith and collective worship on the brain and body, Todd will explore the influence of placebo on physical healing and experience first-hand the transformative power of belief. 


Todd Sampson’s Body Hack is an Essential Media production for Network 10 with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with Screen NSW.

8:30pm Tuesday on 10