Toad and Mandy Win House Rules 2018

Toad and Mandy Win House Rules 2018

In the  House Rules Grand Final, Toad & Mandy and Mel & Dave faced one final challenge in the battle for $355,000.  The teams made over each other’s front yard in just four days.

After finishing the four-day build, Toad said to Mandy: “I don’t think we could have done another thing babe.”  Mel was in tears after the renovation. Mel: “No matter what happens, we are so proud to have achieved that in just four days for Toad & Mandy’s forever home.” Dave said: “We’ve done as much as we can do, we can’t do any more.”

As Johanna welcomed the Grand Final teams into the studio, Toad said: “Being away from our kids, our family and our jobs for such a long time, I don’t think there’s any point half doing something so we just wanted to push on,” he admitted trying not to cry. Mel & Dave were emotional as Mel said: “Dave’s worked away for 10 years, we’ve been together for 15, we have two little men now and we want to give them the time they deserve with Dave.”  Of his competitors, Dave said: “We couldn’t be standing next to two better people tonight.”  




Mel & Dave

Mel: “This is a dream come true… it’s so Hamptons… I can’t believe we have this house.”

Dave: “We just can’t wait to see our kids and enjoy this front yard.”

Dave: “It was everything and more than what we could imagine. It was beautiful… perfect job from Toad and Mandy… we are forever grateful for  that ”

Dave: “We could walk away happy either way today.”

Toad & Mandy

Mandy: “Oh my god… this is our house.”

Toad: “This is exactly what we wanted, bring her back to her former glory.”

Toad (on their sunset bar): “This where you’ll find me… this is awesome… they are smashing the rules.”

Toad: “At the end of the day we’ve got a brand-new house.”

Toad: “Thanks Mel and Dave they’ve done such an awesome job… it’s hard to take it all in… on that first day you start with nothing and end up with that, it’s massive.”



Mel & Dave’s front yard (renovated by Toad & Mandy)

In scoring Drew said: “Some great decisions, that outdoor deck was fantastic… but some other areas let you down. Part farmhouse and part Hamptons… you sort of messed around with that and didn’t quite solve it.”

LLB said: “I see an incredibly commercial piece of design, I see that and that proves to me you two can go to the outside and create very, very successful design alongside the dairy farming… perhaps not as innovative, not as creative and not as sexy as we have seen from you in the past… but it absolutely answered the brief and I think it was the perfect evocation of their style of Hamptons.”

Wendy said: “It was elegant… I think it answered the house rules… it was very soft and very welcoming. There were a few spots that needed a bit more love, but in general you lifted this home to a new level.”


SCORES               24/30


Toad & Mandy’s front yard (renovated by Mel & Dave)

In scoring Drew said: “You embraced the farmhouse in a fantastic way… setting your work in the landscape. I thought you did a great job.”

LLB said: “In a way we could have done with a little bit more editing… there were a lot of ideas all coming together… it certainly made a statement but I kind of missed a little bit of your old-fashioned rigour.”

Wendy said: “I think you did create a really beautiful, elegant home. You did justice to the house… and that front section finished it off beautifully. You did have a lot of ideas but I liked most of them.”

LLB said: “It wasn’t classic team Melve… I think the whole situation rather overwhelmed you.”


SCORES               23/30


Toad & Mandy won House Rules 2018 with a judges’ score of 24/30 just one point ahead of Mel & Dave on 23/30. Dairy farmer Toad was overcome by emotion about the life-changing $355,000 prize, thanking their families, other teams and fellow competitors Mel & Dave.  When host Johanna Griggs asked what they would do with the prize Mandy said: “We are probably going to get married first.”

A grateful Mel & Dave walked away with a fully renovated home inside and out. Dave said: “We’re happy to be standing here. We are proud of how far we’ve come too.

Congratulations Toad and Mandy.” House Rules will return for its 7th season in 2019.