Tipping Point Australia Swimming Special

Tipping Point Australia Swimming Special

Tipping Point Australia is getting in the Olympic spirit with a special prime-time episode next week.

The nation’s new favourite game show, hosted by tennis legend Todd Woodbridge, will see three of Australia’s greatest swimming legends all playing for charity in the lead-up to Channel 9’s Olympic and Paralympic coverage. 

Bringing their competitive spirit from the pool to the Tipping Point machine are four-time gold medallist Libby Trickett, three-time gold medallist Emily Seebohm, and dual Paralympic gold medallist Blake Cochrane, who is also a Nine Paralympic co-host alongside James Bracey, Ellie Cole, Dylan Alcott, Sylvia Jeffreys and Kurt Fearnley. 

Libby Trickett, known for her speed and tenacity in the pool, showcases her strategic prowess. Blake Cochrane, all determination and resilience, brings his analytical skills to the fore. And multiple world-record holder Emily Seebohm, celebrated for her backstroke and relay performances, uses her keen focus and precision.

With the Tipping Point counters, including the mystery counter, worth more than ever, who will make the biggest splash in the Tipping Point machine and secure the most money for their charity?

Tune in for an exhilarating episode of Tipping Point Australia filled with heartwarming moments, fierce competition and the spirit of giving, as these outstanding swimmers compete to make a difference beyond the pool.\

Tuesday, July 2, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.


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