Tim Dormer to Re Enter Big Brother (and it’s not a good thing)

The twist that reeks of desperation in Reality TV  has finally arrived and i’m not happy.

Last year’s Big Brother winner Tim Dormer will re enter the house tomorrow night to cause drama and drop a bombshell . Before Dormer was dropped off at the Gold Coast house he gave an interview to News. com .au and revealed his game plan.

“I’m in there to shake up the house a little bit, ruffle a few feathers and I’ve got a special secret mission to report back to Big Brother on. The polarising winner will automatically acquire \the Head of House role and make game changing decisions as a result.

The move surprises me given only two  weeks have passed and we are already dropping a former housemate in to the house to create drama instead of using it’s current lot  to drive the show’s content. It also doesn’t sit well with me that Tim is the real life housemate of this year’s Jake.

Producers need to find a way to get the audience engaged with the housemates through other methods like  a live feed because once Tim departs so too could the audience if he is given too much control.

Tim’s role with the show at this stage doesn’t have an end date but here’s hoping it is a short visit so this year’s housemates  become the reason why we are watching Big Brother and  not for it’s gimmicky twists which take away from the original premise of the show.

Tim drops into the Big Brother house 9 PM Sunday on Nine.