Tim Ditches Ali as the final 2 are revealed on The Batcholor

Tim Ditches  Ali as the final 2 are revealed on The Batcholor

The Bachelor has his final two ;ladies picked after he sent Ali packing overnight


Tears flowed on The Bachelor when Tim Robards made the shock decision to send home popular real estate agent Ali Oetjen, 27, during a nail-biting rose ceremony.

Tim made the surprising decision after first declaring that model Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich would continue on to the grand finale.

Throughout the series, Ali wore her heart on sleeve. She openly expressed her love for Tim and never disguised her desire to win his love and affection. Despite her unwavering determination, Tim’s deep connection with Rochelle and Anna was too strong and he had to send her home.

After requesting the two finalists leave the room so he could farewell Ali privately, Tim said: “I’m so grateful that I have met you and that we have had this journey together. I am so sorry that I have to say goodbye. I am incredibly lucky that I have been able to experience this with you and I will miss you.”

Despite her broken heart, Ali selflessly comforted Tim after he made the announcement. She said: “I would never for one second take back any moment that we spent together and I don’t regret that I love you and that I told you that I love you. I mean it.

“You are an amazing, special guy with so much to offer and I hope that one girl offers you something amazing back and that you can have a fulfilling life together. I really hope all the best for you because you deserve it,” Ali said.

“I take strength in everything that we have shared. It’s been absolutely amazing and I would do it all over again. Thanks for being on my life journey and creating a part of me.”

Earlier, Tim took each girl on a one-on-one date with the option of spending the night together. On all occasions Tim respectfully declined, preferring to wait until after the final rose ceremony to spend an intimate night with his final lady.

Next week Tim, Rochelle and Anna travel to romantic Thailand. Here Tim will take both ladies on a breathtaking final date before making his decision. Whose heart will he break? And who will receive the final rose?

The Bachelor airs 7: 30 Wednesday on Ten


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