Tim defeats Jade and Tahan in BB finale

Tim defeats Jade and Tahan in BB finale

After more then 101 days locked away from the outside world the Big Brother has closed the doors for now…….

In one of the closest finale to date 29 year old student Tim manged to secure 36% of the vote.  He was followed closely by runner up Jade with 34% and second runner up Tahan with 30%.

Before leaving the House, Big Brother called Tim to the Diary Room where he was given a card.  The card read, “Congratulations on winning Big Brother 2013…  Two words – well played.  Consider this my IOU.  Big Brother owes you $250,000.” Big Brother said to Tim in the Diary Room, “Rest assured, Big Brother is good for the money.” Tim replied, “You should be or I want the House… or at least the pool.”

The night opened with Tim, Tahan and Jade watching the show from a big screen in the backyard of the Big Brother House. They were thrilled to see all ex-Housemates reuniting in a choreographed lantern performance on stage, followed by news they had missed from the outside world.

Also announced last night was the return of Big Brother for 2014. If you would like to apply head to www.bigbrother.com.au. for more details.


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