Tim Chooses Anna on The Bachelor

Tim Chooses Anna on The Bachelor

After 13 wonderful weeks the bachelor has found  his dream girl in Anna.

Love was in the air as Anna stepped through the rose petals and into Tim’s heart. Clearly overwhelmed with emotion, Tim took nervous Anna by the hand and said: “It feels so good to finally be able to acknowledge what my heart is feeling, and you have my heart.

“I have fallen, madly and deeply in love with you. I love you. It feels so good to finally be able to say it. I want to make you feel special every day. I can’t wait to start the next part of our journey together.”

Both Tim and Anna shed a tear as he presented her with a stunning diamond ring that symbolised their commitment together and the journey that is to come. Anna accepted the ring and said: “I hope you know that I will be as committed to you as I possibly can be, because I know you make me a better me. I really do love you.”

While Anna and Tim celebrated their love for each other, runner-up Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith nursed her broken heart. After Tim took her on their romantic final one-on-one date she believed she was the one, but was crushed at the rose ceremony when Tim told her his heart belonged to someone else.

Rochelle said: “It’s really hard to believe what has just happened. I’m in shock. I can’t imagine that he could be that close with me but it not be me.

“I’m not disappointed that I opened my heart, it’s just going to take some time for it to sink in. I’ve had such an amazing experience and it has changed my life. It’s just a weird ending that’s bitter and sad.”

Earlier, Tim confessed to his family that he had strong feelings for both ladies. He spoke openly about them and his inner struggle with the decision. Following this, he took Rochelle and Anna on separate one-on-one dates to help him make his final choice. It was here that Tim realised that Anna offered the genuine and heart-skipping love he had been looking for.

Following the final rose ceremony, Tim said: “It feels so good to finally tell Anna that I love her. It’s like I have the biggest weight lifted and I can take a deep breath. This is the first day of the next chapter of our lives together and I can not wait to get it started.”

Equally emotional, Anna said: “I never thought I would be in this position. It has definitely made me believe in fairy tales again. It was completely magical.”

Tonight Tim, Anna, Rochelle, Ali, and all your favourites [including Jolene] return for the After the Final Rose special. See Anna and Tim talk about life after the rose ceremony and Rochelle confronts Tim for the very first time since he broke her heart.

The Bachelor. After the Final rose airs 7:30 tonight on Ten.


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