Three housemates leave for good

Three housemates leave for good

It was another big episode that saw three big exits.

Tonight on Big Brother, the twins went head to head for a bonus spot in the house. After close to five hours, Alex made the ultimate sacrifice, forfeiting the challenge so her sister could stay.

“I’ve got something good to go home to,” said Alex. “It was good for Char and I to spend that time together. It’s definitely brought us closer as sisters and it’s still been the best experience. I hope Charlotte wins more than anything.”

As Charlotte M adjusted to life on her own, ‘power couple’ Brenton and Christina were getting closer and Ari was fuming.  

Mitch claimed another challenge victory, nominating Charlotte H, Gabe and a deflated Ari, but Ari was saved from the vote after a technical fault.

It came down to the stylist and the strategist and Charlotte was ultimately sent packing.    

“Everyone’s nuts,” said Charlotte. “People take it way too seriously and I just laugh at them, like, ‘oh my gosh, get a day job’. I don’t really care. I was running out of clothes and there is no dry cleaning service.”  

As Charlotte exited the house, Gabe had some news of his own, telling Big Brother he wished to depart.

“I’m mentally, emotionally and physically struggling in here Big Brother,” said Gabe. “I find it hard finding my voice in this house. There’s a lot of loud personalities and I feel like I get smaller when they speak. I’m not doing well, it’s better for me to leave.”


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