This is Us moves to Eleven

Ten will fast-track the new season of This is US next week.

This is Season 3 which kicked off in the US a few weeks ago.

Nine Bucks

In the season premiere we celebrate the triplets’ 38th birthday which provides reason for reflection.

Randall prepares a grand speech to formally ask his prospective daughter whether or not she would like to become an official member of his family, which is not received well by Deja.

Kate receives the tough news that no IVF specialist will help her have a baby due to her weight and Beth confronts Kevin about dating her cousin, Zoe.

In a flashback, we see Jack and Rebecca’s first date, where Jack opens up and divulges details around his money troubles and rough time in Vietnam. They share their first kiss however Jack is faced with a surprise when he returns the next morning with a bouquet of flowers.

Thursday, 18 October, 9:30 pm on Eleven