This is Us April 12

The Pearson family are set to celebrate Christmas but the happiest time of the year proves to be anything but on a new epiesode of This Is Us tonight. 

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is holding a Christmas Eve gathering for the family despite still struggling with feelings of betrayal towards his mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore), after her decades of deception about his biological father William were exposed.  

The Christmas party looks like a fizzer, however, as one by one each family member’s arrival at Randall’s home is delayed or cancelled.

Early on Christmas Eve, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Rebecca visit a surgeon to discuss Kate’s impending gastric-band surgery, but the shared moment only opens up old wounds between mother and daughter surrounding Kate’s issues with food.

Kevin finds out his play is cancelled and he is dragged along to Sloane’s Hanukkah celebration. Randall is placed in a life-threatening position at a work Christmas party.

In the past, a young Kate is rushed to the hospital with appendicitis on Christmas Eve. While there,  Rebecca discovers Dr K, the doctor who delivered their twins in a neighbouring hospital bed, awaiting surgery.

 8:30pm tonight on Ten