Things Didn’t Go So Well on Survivor

Things Didn’t Go So Well on Survivor

It was a sad farewell to a Survivor, who had planned to strategically play from the middle until the bitter end,

Going into today’s Immunity Challenge, Shay knew that she had no option but to win. Josh and Mel were hot on Shay’s tail for the lucrative necklace that would keep them safe from tonight’s vote, but they were no match for the puzzle queen.

With Shay safe from the vote, Sam grilled Mark about his decision to remove Khanh over Sam, and then got to business working out who was next in line for Jury Villa.

Sam pitched a plan to take out Josh, as he has played a huge game, and it is a game that didn’t involve Sam as much as she would like.

While Josh thinks Jordie is as dodgy as they come, he called out Mel and Michelle as being the floaters that could undo his alliance. 

Mel gave it a red hot crack at Tribal Council, warning everyone of the intimidating CV that Josh was building, but unfortunately Mel’s time was up.

Six votes landed on Mel, and in an emotional farewell she shared: “I gave it a good fight. I just love this game so much and I hate that my sister has beat me. I’ve only had three days with her but she is a dark horse in the game. This game will bond us forever.”

Mel leaves behind her twin sister Michelle and joins Khanh in the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Jury Villa.


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