There’s Break-Ups, Shake-Ups And DIY Makeup On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

There’s Break-Ups, Shake-Ups And DIY Makeup On I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

There were two clear appeals for why reality stars Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher joined the 2020 cast of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

For ex-MAFS star Ryan—it was simple. He was happy to be a part of anything that wasn’t a love show. For reality queen Charlotte—she was off boys and wanted an escape from her very recent, and very public split.

And yet here they are, roping us into all the ups and downs of their turbulent jungle romance.

On tonight’s cracker of an episode, it was #RIP Rylotte, as the pair decided they were on the same page. And that page didn’t include a snog.

Speaking of break-ups, Ryan spilled the tea further on his ex-MAFS wife Davina Rankin. Apparently on return home from their ‘honeymoon’ together, Davina encouraged Ryan to keep his options open as she had been fooling around with a guy called Dean Wells.

We have seen social media. We have read the articles. And as much as you think the girls are done up in camp…it turns out they are just Einstein’s when it comes to DIY beauty.

You see, it turns out that charcoal from a pot acts as the perfect eye shadow and two hot pans make a killer hair straightener. Sephora HQ—please contact Rhonda Burchmore and Charlotte’s management for any collaboration enquires. And chuck us a 10% cut.

We think Nikki Osborne and Dilruk Jayasinha were secretly praying tonight’s trial, When Bingo Bites Back, included little old ladies and a meat tray. B-I-N-G-Oh-No! Instead we shoved them in a giant tombola, put it on spin mode and filled it with plenty of jungle critters.

Unfortunately for Nikki—her vertigo kicked into gear and she had no choice but to say I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Calm down fam, she was medically cleared and she is fine. In fact—she was more worried about losing Instagram followers.

Our jungle boys proved they’re more than just a pretty face—having an open and life-saving conversation about men and mental health. Because that’s the most important thing—a conversation.

Whilst Ryan opened up about his past anxiety, Dale Thomas admitted that seeing a counsellor had been a game-changer for him. Billy Brownless reiterated the stigma attached to mental health, and how important it is to talk to a mate.

Tom Williams and Cosentino retired from their master and minion duties, with Tom making Billy and Tanya fight it out as their replacements. Billy wasted no time lapping up his win, and we are waiting with baited breath for tornado Tanya.

Do not miss tomorrow night when Rhonda, Billy and Ryan splutter and chunder their way through the nauseating tucker trial, Spewdio 54!