The Voice Season Two- Final 8 Revealed

Tonight, 12 finalists will become 8 and it’s close!

First up, Team Seal’s Mitchell Anderson, Alex Gibson and Harrison Craig await results.

Harrison gets through on public vote. Seal, based on performances, saves Mitchell Anderson meaning Alex will be leaving The Voice.

To Team Joel now and Danny Ross, Kiyomi Vella and Michael Stangel await judgement. Danny Ross is sent through via the public vote. Joel is proud of both the remaining artists, but Kiyomi is through based on her hard work. Michael Stangel is out of there.

Team Delta is third with Jackie Sannia, Celia Pavey and Steve Clisby up. First through is Celia Pavey. Delta calls it the hardest choice and while she will always be there for Jackie, Steve has unfinished business on the stage. She sends Steve through.

Team Ricky’s Luke Kennedy, Miss Murphy and Simon Meli are last up to get results. Luke Kennedy is through first. Ricky then decides to save Miss Murphy, sending Simon Meli home.

From here on out, it’s up to Australia. Yep, unlike last year, WE get to decide who goes to the finals as well as win. It’s now time for the performances.

First up is Harrison. He’s singing If by Bread. Joel says everyone loves him but that wasn’t the best. Seal says it was his best performance because he will show how great he is.

Miss Murphy is next. She’s singing You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me by Smokey Robinson (originally Etta James). Delta says she always delivers while Ricky is obsessed with her and says it was beautiful.

Danny Ross is third with It’s Time by Imagine Dragons. Joel says that it was a good performance.

Steve Clisby is singing Sunday In Savannah by Nina Simone. Joel is a huge fan and it took him back to his childhood. Delta is very proud of his achievement and is glad she got to see this.

Karise Eden performed her song Breath of Silence. Deltas duet from last week was no. 1 by the way.

Kiyomi Vella follows with Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle. Delta calls her one of a kind and says she is interesting and that we get her. Joel says her authenticity is a pleasure as she never complains and it’s a magical thing to watch.

Mitchell Anderson’s Take Me To The River is next. Ricky calls it a show-stopper and he belongs there. Seal loved it. It was his favourite performance because he saw Mitchell in his own right without him in his shadow.

Luke Kennedy is second-last with Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. Joel thinks he has all the weapons he needs to win. Ricky told him to focus on the lyrics and connect and he did that.

Last is Celia Pavey with Will You Love Me Tomorrow. Seal says that she did it beautifully but she needs to be more diverse. Delta disagrees and says at this stage she needs to be herself.

Here are the numbers you need to call (you may also vote on Facebook from tomorrow or purchase the songs off iTunes, which counts for two votes):

To vote for CELIA PAVEY, SMS ‘CELIA’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 02.

To vote for DANNY ROSS, SMS ‘DANNY’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 13.

To vote for HARRISON CRAIG, SMS ‘HARRISON’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 05.

To vote for KIYOMI VELLA, SMS ‘KIYOMI’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 14.

To vote for LUKE KENNEDY, SMS ‘LUKE’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 09.

To vote for MISS MURPHY, SMS ‘MURPHY’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 10.

To vote for MITCHELL ANDERSON, SMS ‘MITCHELL’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 06.

To vote for STEVE CLISBY, SMS ‘STEVE’ to 199 55 999 or call 190 255 95 01.


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