The Voice finds its Grand Finalists

The Voice finds its Grand Finalists

Tonight on The Voice, spine-tinging Semi-Final performances paved the way for a blockbuster Grand Final.

Bella Taylor Smith’s stunning performance ofEverybody Hurts by R.E.M secured her a Grand Final berth after a moving mentoring session with coach Guy saw Bella in tears as she shared a letter from her Dad in prison. 

Ahead of her performance, Bella confided: “It’s really scary for me to be vulnerable and it feels really exposing to be singing words like this, but I feel like it would be good for me to show that on stage.”  

Guy said: “I get something different every time you sing. There’s always a depth to what you do, it’s emotionally moving, its vocally sublime.”

Guy called his decision between Bella and Jordan Fuller “near impossible” but declared:

“The artist I believe is connected to and trusts their gift just that bit more.”  

Keith urged his Grand Final artist “to prove to me unequivocally they have what it takes to win The Voice”. Arlo Sim’s sublime performance ofSomewhere Only We Know by Keane proved that and more. The 19-year-old café worker quelled his nerves as his intimate rendition earned a place in the Grand Final over fellow Team Keith artist Lau Abend. 

Rita called Arlo’s performance “flawless”. Guy agreed: “The problem is you keep setting the bar so high. You could win this.” 

Keith said: “Your voice is from another planet. It’s just something beyond your years.” 

Mick Harrington secured his Grand Final spot after he tapped into his courage and self-belief in his performance of Superman by Five for Fighting.Guy said he loved that Mick could influence people to pursue their dreams. 

Jess maintained that Mick and fellow Semi-Finalist Ella Monnery did her proud but called Mick: “The true essence of the Australian dream. You are exactly what this show is about. You are this incredible human who doesn’t understand the gift you have.” 

Mick said: “This is so life-changing. It means going from being your everyday labourer to being able to do what I’ve dreamt about.”

Girl power beamed from the stage when G-Nat!onmade The Voice history as the first girl group to advance to Grand Final. Their dynamic performance of7 rings by Ariana Grande earned a standing ovation, as their coach Rita said: “It shows girl power, friendship, it shows unity. You guys had the most fun up there, I can see it in your faces.” 

Jess proclaimed: “Australia and the world are ready for a girl group like you.”

When faced with the tough decision of sending G-Nat!on or Sian Fuller to the Grand Final,

Rita acknowledged she had “strong powerful women on that stage”. Ultimately sending GNat!on through, Rita told the group: “You deserve this so much. I told you when I met you that you guys were going all the way I meant it!” G-Nat!on member Isla Ward said: “Thank you so much for believing in us.” 

Voting is now open as Australia will decide who will be crowned The Voice of 2021, taking home $100,000 prize money plus a recording contact with Universal Music Australia.

The Voice top four artists have each released a new original track ahead of the Grand Final. The singles were selected in collaboration with each artist who worked with local and international producers and writers to showcase their powerful voices.  From power ballads to pop with attitude, the singles are available to stream/download now. 

Arlo Sim Feel

Bella Taylor Smith Higher

G-Nat!on Mad About You

Mick Harrington Real You

Next Sunday night, the spectacular Grand Final of The Voice will see the top four artists take to the stage with their coaches for a show-stopping duet. Who will be crowned The Voice of 2021? Australia decides


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