The Voice final battle round

The Voice final battle round

There are only 7 battles left so who will be victorious and who will fall at the final hurdle?

The first battle is team Seal’s Ryan Saunders VS Nicholas Roy they will tackle the Fray hit You Found Me. They are both doing a good job it’s pretty much neck and neck. This is a tough one to pick there wasn’t a moment for me so I actually don’t care who wins this one. Joel would pick Nick Delta picks Nick based on experience, Ricky liked Ryan’s organised chaos Seal follows his gut and chooses Nick Delta doesn’t save Ryan.

Next up is team Delta’s Sophie Phelps vs. Nathan Allgood is up next singing “Stay” by Rihanna. In rehearsals Delta pulls up Sophie for a heart-to-heart chinwag about how to channel her emotion for the performance. Nathan starts freaking out a little. In the end they both deliver a good battle I prefer Nathan his voice is a lot stronger. The judges give them a standing ovation

Ricky Sophie Seal Nathan sung it perfectly Joel Sophie Delta they both gave it their all but Nathan wins

Team Joel is Putting Kathy Hinch and JESSIKA SAMARGES they will sing Titanium by Sia. They are both struggling with the high notes in rehearsal so how will they go in the ring? This is one of the best battles ever. The girls are pitch perfect electrifying and the whole studio is moving and yep the big notes were hit without a problem.

Delta Jessika  wiped the floor Ricky Jessika  was fantastic but Kathy was impeccable Seal would choose Kathy. Joel has to take a time out to talk to Ben Lee to make the final decision. Ben thought Jessika  “brought it” tonight, and Joel loves them both but the person he’s taking through is… KATHY. Really? Delta passes on Jessika.

Time for Delta’s last battle of the series it will be Josh Kyle vs. Luke Mansini they will tackle Gotye’s “Heart’s A Mess. I am sorry but this is torture and no one has wowed me. Seal choose Luke while Joel and Ricky choose Josh. Deltas choose josh to go through.

Joel’s last battle is Adam Garrett vs. Nick k Stenmark to the tune of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. The performance was one of the best match ups this season. The audience was moving and absolutely enthused delta called Adam amazing Ricky based on tones and diversity would go with Adam as would seal as he thinks Adam is more prepared to show us his story. Joel says nick is a true artist but Adam won the battle. Delta passes on Nick.

Team Seal final battle Mitchell Anderson and Steve Clisby were up next and Seal choose “Walking in Memphis” by Mark Cohn for them. They gave the judges and the audience a remarkable piano duel onstage, the judges were overwhelmed with emotions. Ricky Martin said the two should go on tour together. Ultimately, Seal was left alone to make a decision after the judges couldn’t pick a winner. He goes with Mitchell. Then comes Delta’s save, And Steve joins the voice on team Delta.

The final Battle is Imogen Brough and Katie Carr for Team Ricky and the series. They sang “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)” by Sia they provide an awesome battle the judges were split on who they would take through with Joel and delta choosing Katie voice while Seal would choose Imogen. Ricky chooses Imagon based on her giving him goose bumps and with that the battles end and the show is in Australia’s hands.





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