The Voice Blind Auditions Night 4 Recap

The Voice Blind Auditions Night 4 Recap

Last night, we were left in limbo with a performance by Kathy Hinch where the chairs didn’t turn around. So, what happens?

At the end of the song, Ricky and Joel hop out of their chairs to tell Kathy they turned for her. They finally get the chairs to turn around and Kathy makes her choice. She goes for Joel.

It’s now time for Glen Percival. Remember that name? Yep, he’s the brother of Darren Percival, last year’s runner up. Darren is on hand to cheer him along. He will be singing Times Like These. He’s not having much luck. Really? No one? Yep, sorry. No hit.

Next up is Maya Weiss, whose father was an aspiring hit singer. It didn’t happen, so she’s here to change her family’s luck. She will be singing Stepping Soon. She gets a dramatic turn from Joel. Seal also turns his chair. No one else does, which means we have a battle of the boys! She asks them a couple of questions before deciding to go with Joel.

After the break, we review a few more of those VERY unsuccessful auditions.

Next up, it’s Tim Morrison, who was in a band called Trial Kennedy, who broke up just last year. He’s singing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Former musicians haven’t had much luck this year. Will Tim turn them around? Yep, he gets Delta in the end! That’s a shock, considering the song. By the end of the song, he also gets Seal! He goes with Delta.

Michelle Cashman is the next up for auditions. Her song is Wicked Game. Her voice is certainly different. The coaches seem to like the song. Will they like it enough? No. Will all the fuss they were putting on, NO ONE turned!! Delta wanted more versatility. Well, if that voice wasn’t versatile, I don’t know what is.

Will Jessika Samarges have more luck? She’s singing Stuck. She gets a turner in Joel. Delta also chooses to turn. Seal gives in to temptation at the final moment. Ricky doesn’t turn. Come on, Ricky! You need to build up that team! She goes for Joel! Joel now has half his team!

Next up are brother and sister Kim and Chris Sheehy. They will be competing against each other, instead of together. Up first is Kim. She’s singing Love Song. She has no luck. Will her brother, Chris? He will be singing One More Night. Both Joel and Delta turn at the same time. Seal follows suit soon after. Again, Ricky is the only coach not to turn. He ends up going with Joel.

Next is only-child Juliane Di Sisto. She’s singing Good Luck. In a reverse-turn of events, Ricky turns first! In fact, he’s the only one. Seal says he would have turned around if Ricky didn’t.

Next up is Luke Kennedy who is a part of The Ten Tenors. He’s singing Un Giorno Per Noi/ A Time For Us. Ricky turns straight away. Seal is next to turn. Delta is third and a very dramatic Joel is fourth. As the coaches plea for him, Joel basically sells Seal to him. All three men fight for him passionately, leaving Delta little time to plead, and just wishing him luck. He picks Ricky in the end. Ricky now has half his team.

And with that, the episode ends. Funnily enough, Seal won no one tonight!


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