The Vavau Tribe Survive The Feud.

It was Tribal War on All Star Family Feud, as the Saanapu tribe and their rivals Vavau went head-to-head to see who could outwit, outlast and out laugh each other on Australia’s favourite game show.

Ultimately, it was the Saanapu tribe of Lee Carseldine (team captain), El Rowland, Sam Webb and Brooke Jowlett who were snuffed out when Vavau tribe members Rohan Maclaren, Phoebe Timmins, Conner Bethune and team captain Sue Clarke made a remarkable comeback in the final round to win the game. 

Phoebe from the Vavau tribe claimed the first strike of the game with a rather strange response to the question “Name an edible delicacy that some people love and some people hate”.

With Saanapu stealing the points in round one and in a comfortable lead throughout, Vavau over-celebrated when they receive their first points after Sanaapu struck out on the question “Name a quality you need to be on the show Australian Survivor”. 

Then Vavau come back in the final round to steal the game from Saanapu after correctly guessing the final answer to the question “When do you go up and down?” with a clean sweep of the board.

Vavau took the win, with Rohan Maclaren and Sue Clarke stepping up for Fast Money and collecting $30,000 for their charities, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and Act For Kids. Saanapu won $10,000 for its nominated charities Ex Stone Pillow Homeless Sleepout and Livin.

All Star Family Feud returns on Sunday, 6 November at 7.30pm in a special Bachelor/Bachelorette showdown episode not to be missed.