The Twelve Season 2 Review

The Twelve Season 2 Review

Today, Binge unveils the second season of Australian legal drama The Twelve.

This time, the court is focused on the death of local landowner and respected Tunkwell matriarch Bernice Price (Kris McQuade), who is found dead at the bottom of her farm’s pump well. Accused of her murder are doting daughter Sasha Price (Amy Matthews) and her partner Patrick Harrows (Erroll Shand).

Representing Patrick is the smart workaholic Brett Colby SC (Sam Neill), the sole returning character from season one. Meanwhile, whip-smart defence barrister Meredith Nelson-Moore SC (Frances O’Connor) represents Amy. And it’s clear from the get-go that the duo share more than just teaming up for this case.

Trying to prove that Bernice was killed with intent is the ambitious prosecutor Jude Persand (Fayssal Bazzi).

The twelve on the jury include Thelma (Tasma Walton), who splits her time between looking after her dementia-suffering mother Marjorie and her job at the local council; former AFL footballer and town legend Joey (Josh McKenzie); local waitress Claudia (Stefanie Caccamo) who works in her family’s café; and the always observant Parvinder (Sharon Johal).

The first episode, offered for review, is penned by Sarah L Walker who has again made a compelling case that will leave you hanging out for the next episode to see the impact the case has on the personal lives of all involved.

Casting is again top-notch, with all those already mentioned joined by Anthony Brandon Wong, Luke Pegler and Shareena Clanton.

The Twelve offers a compelling Australian drama you won’t want to miss.

4.5 Stars

The Twelve Season 2 premieres today on Binge and airs at 8:30 pm on Foxtel Showcase, with new episodes weekly.


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