The Tribe Huffed And Puffed But No Torch Was Snuffed

Just when we thought there had been enough twists and turns this season, tonight’s Tribal Council was dropped on us.

Emotions were running high after Simon decided to ruffle some feathers by calling out ‘pawns’ Gerry and Matt, for playing George’s game rather than their own. Although annoying for the tribemates to hear, the conversation acted as a wakeup call to Matt, who decided he needed to make a big move – this move being on his mate George.

At Immunity, it was the classic Hand On An Idol challenge. It was down to allies Gerry and Matt, where Matt took out the win, proving he can balance best on some tricky looking stumps.

Without the Immunity Necklace, Simon went into overdrive trying to save himself, but Liz was not keen to hear it and was desperate to take him out. Simon received a lifeline from Matt, who wanted to take out George, but that hit a roadblock when Matt tried to get his pal Gerry across the line. George got a whiff of his name being thrown around, and then orchestrated the tribe to vote on Simon or Nina instead, claiming that if his allies were at war with each other, they wouldn’t be at war with him. He tricked Nina into voting for Gerry, and it all got a bit messy when Nina mentioned this in front of his ally Matt. George, Simon, Gerry and Nina’s names were flying around the Tribe – and we were left wondering where the votes would actually land.

At Tribal Council, it was tense with fake alliances and broken promises all around. But before the votes were read, host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed tonight was a little different, with no one being sent home, but instead, the two players with the highest number of votes would be going into Survivor Isolation. The two would be housed in an area at camp, away from the rest of the tribe. They would need to rely on their tribemates for food, water, and information until the next Tribal Council. Plus, they wouldn’t be competing in the next day’s challenge, meaning they had no shot at Immunity. All the votes go to Nina, with only her vote going to Gerry, with both being sent off to isolation.

How will this play out?


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