The Traitors Kick Off Murderous New Season

The Traitors Kick Off Murderous New Season

Welcome to the most deliciously dangerous game of lies, deception and betrayal. The Traitors is back for a 2nd season so let’s get the game started.

Twenty players, an exciting mix of charismatic everyday Aussies and much-loved famous faces, met for the first time and banded together to win up to a quarter of a million dollars in silver bars.

There’s Paul, an ex-Navy diver and shark attack survivor; Annabel, an eccentric superfan; Australian Survivorlegend Luke; Gyton, star of Underbelly; Sam, a marketing man of a thousand faces, and not to mention a former undercover cop, a former federal agent and a beer salesman.

Moments after being acquainted, everyone was summoned to the Banishment Room where three players were secretly selected by Host Rodger Corser to be the Traitors – Blake, Ash and Sam.

The game had officially started. Everyone was on edge, knowing they walk among those who are plotting to ‘murder’ them. But the Traitors can’t relax either, with all the Faithful, including strategic genius Luke, already working hard to sniff them out. 

In the first challenge, both Traitors and Faithful put their differences aside and worked together to start building their prize pool, winning $40,000 worth of silver bars.

This year, they also play for a life-saving prize which protects them from murder. Split into two teams, one member of the winning team would win The Shield. Tonight, Simone succeeded and was safe from murder.

The three Traitors then met in Traitors Tower and revealed themselves to each other for the first time, and a delectable scheming session ensued. At Breakfast, their murder victim turned out to be, lawyer by day and pageant queen by night – Anjelica.

Walking into their first Banishment Ceremony, Sarah and Ash were the two main suspects, but things took a turn when Annabel told the room they were focusing on the wrong type of suspect, throwing out a left field accusation against Corinne.

Gyton had the deciding vote and when he showed his card, Corinne was the first to be Banished, revealing to the Faithful that they had all got it wrong.


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