The top 8 on The Bachelorette revealed

The top 8 on The Bachelorette revealed

Well that was certainly a surprise as two popular Bachelors were given their marching orders.

The race for Sam’s affection stepped up a gear as each boy looked for a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Rope technician Richie embraced his competitive side on the group date, as he guided his team to victory in an extreme dodgeball tournament. His sporting endeavors paid off, as he secured alone time with Sam at the end of the day.

While English gent Alex hoped bravery would help him stand out on his sky-high single date, Michael and Sasha decided a personal touch would pique Sam’s interest as they both delivered her handmade gifts at the cocktail party.

Despite being one of the most unique characters on the show and well-liked by Sam, WA musician Will failed to get a rose at the end of the evening. On his departure, Will said: “I feel like I’ve been my true self, whether it be not fitting to everyone’s cup of tea. I know I can be a bit awkward, but I can nevertheless be myself and no doubt, there’s an oddball out there for me.”

Second to depart the mansion tonight was Victorian exercise physiologist Kieren. Although he and Sam failed to make a strong connection, Kieren only had best wishes for her as he left. Kieren said: “All I want for Sam is happiness. There’s something special about her, she’s an amazing girl. I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world.”

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