The Time Traveler’s Wife Review

The Time Traveler’s Wife Review

Today, Binge and Foxtel step into the adaptation space with the highly-anticipated The Time Traveler’s Wife.

For those unfamiliar with Audrey Niffenegger’s novel or the 2009 film, The Time Traveler’s Wife is the story of Clare (Rose Leslie) and Henry (Theo James), the latter of which travels through time. Sounds cool right? Wrong. You see, every time Henry travels, he leaves behind a pile of clothes and arrives in the nude, crash-landing on hard surfaces or angry people.

Clare meets adult Henry in a library, having already met him when she was a child 14 years earlier, and he doesn’t remember due to being his future self at the time.

It’s here where the series really excels. In the six episodes, we follow the two as they face one of the hardest things to contend with when it comes to time travel.

Writer Steven Moffat (Sherlock), breaks the series into episode instalments with themes and a compelling narrative, making it easy to follow with onscreen text informing viewers of the characters’ ages at various stages.

Rose and Theo have tons of chemistry, which really makes this series work.

The Time Traveler’s Wife may not be perfect, but its lead cast and intriguing themes make it a worthwhile watch.

3.5 Stars

The Time Traveler’s Wife airs Monday on Binge, with new episodes weekly.


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