The Survivor game begins as Tribes merge

The Survivor game begins as Tribes merge

It’s the episode everyone has been waiting for the merge is finally here.

After 29 days of gruelling challenges, minimal food and constant mind games, it was finally time for the Champions and Contenders to drop their buffs and merge into one tribe

For their first Individual Reward Challenge, the contestants had to hold sandbags above their heads which would unload a bucket of water on them if they dropped it. The winner would get a mystery crate filled with items that would set them up for the rest of the game.

To make things more interesting, Jonathan tempted the contestants with everything from meals, calls from home and game advantages to try and get them to drop their sandbag and pull out of the challenge.

After 45 minutes rejecting offers of pizza, chocolate cake, shampoo and more, Daisy was the last one standing, winning herself the crate.

Returning to their beach as a newly formed tribe, Andy suggested they name their new group ‘Soli Bula’, fooling them into believing it meant ‘welcome together’ when in fact, it means ‘sacrifice’.

Daisy arrived at her reward location and was thrilled to open the crate and find everything that Jonathan tempted them with during the challenge. After eating every meal and enjoying a cocktail in the bath, Daisy discovered a hidden Immunity Idol in the corner of the crate.

At the Immunity Challenge, contestants had to hold a rope that was connected to a barrel, holding 60% of their body weight. After 55 minutes, Shaun beat Abbey and won the first individual Immunity necklace.

Back at ‘Soli Bula’ camp, the tribe may have merged but everyone seemed to have their own agenda when it came to deciding on who to vote out.

At Tribal Council, tensions were high between Andy and the rest of the tribe after Luke and David exposed his past moves and called him out for not being honest.

With paranoia setting in, Daisy played her Idol and Andy was sent home. But before leaving Tribal Council, Andy had one last power play up his sleeve and announced to everyone that David has an Idol.