The Summit Reaches The Final Checkpoint

The final 5 hikers have made it to their last checkpoint on the eve of reaching the summit. The reality of having to vote off one of their own has left the group shattered. Jans is concerned that he is an outlier, sitting between two pairs, Brooke and Lulu, and Isaac and Alex. He plans to convince Brooke, his closest ally, to vote off Alex in the hopes of saving himself. Isaac and Alex plead their case of loyalty to Lulu, pledging that they have been by Brooke and Lulu’s side since day 1. Brooke and Lulu are now torn between playing a game of strategy, or loyalty. Strategically they should vote out either Alex or Isaac, so that they can stay in the majority with Jans, but they have been loyal to Alex and Isaac since the start.  They make the strategic decision to vote off Alex, who is gutted by their betrayal.. After an emotional goodbye, Isaac walks off to regain composure from losing his best mate on the mountain. Meanwhile Jans is over the moon, that his gameplay has seen him survive the final checkpoint.

It’s the Final Day, and the group are full of emotion at having made it this far  They set off on their hike uphill through deep snow to their first obstacle, Kings Leap. Here they must hang by a rope and drag themselves and their 15kg bags across a deep chasm in the mountain. Isaac insists on crossing first despite his debilitating fear of heights. He knows that after last night’s eviction, he is on the chopping block, so is keen to show the group that he can do it. He starts to make his way across the rope and the group comment on how gruelling it looks. He is in a lot of pain and struggling. His arms are tired, and he just can’t hold on any longer. After getting just over halfway, he drops.  Isaac is gutted by his fall, especially because he must do the obstacle again if he has any hope of making it to the summit. The group is concerned that none of them will make it across.

Lulu is next and despite having strong arms from being a world champion boxer, she is still struggling to get across. Wavering a couple of times, she finally gets there, and is elated that she can now see her path to the summit.

Brooke is up next, and despite being concerned, she knows that she has the strength and determination to get across that rope, for her kids, and for a better life. She gets on the obstacle and starts to pull herself across, she is having a really hard time and amongst the echoes of Brooke’s screams, Jans and Isaac notice the sound of the mountain’s keeper. Brooke, is terrified when the mountains keeper appears, faltering and wanting to give up despite being so close to the end of the obstacle. But, through pure grit and determination, as well as a bit of encouragement from the sidelines, Brooke makes it across, exhausted but elated.

 Jans, is up next and carrying all the stolen cash, is concerned that the extra weight will be a detriment to his crossing. Jans makes his way across the obstacle, and despite being an ultra-marathon runner, he struggles.  Isaac, who is watching on, is growing very concerned. He has already attempted the obstacle once and failed to get across. He’s not sure he will make it, in fact, he is quite sure he won’t. Jans, who has now crossed the obstacle, is also worried that Isaac won’t make it, and the group aren’t sure how much longer they should wait for him.

Jans, who doesn’t want to leave Isaac behind, yells out to him, to think of his mum. For Isaac that’s all the motivation he needs to pick himself back up. He is doing this for his mum, and the mountain hasn’t won yet. With renewed mental strength and determination, Isaac makes his way over to the rope to try one more time. With terror in his eyes, he gets on the rope. The group are impressed with how strong he looks this time around. But the mountains keeper has been lurking, and she is ready to make sure that getting across the rope isn’t going to be easy for Isaac. He has started to struggle on the rope, losing his grip when the mountains keeper makes her appearance. But for Isaac, his mums voice rings in his ears, he is a fighter, and he will keep fighting to the end. With this last little push of motivation, Isaac makes it to the end of the obstacle. The group are overjoyed, and Isaac is elated that he made it across.

The group begin the final 300m climb to the summit. But just when they thought the end was near, the mountains keeper appears once again and drops a yellow duffel bag. The hikers, unsure of what danger or power lies in that bag, run for it. Lulu makes it there first, Jans just missing out. Lulu opens the bag and pulls out a note that is about to change the game once again.


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