The Summit reaches it’s final days

The Summit reaches it’s final days

It’s day 12, and as the hikers prepare to enter dangerous snow-covered terrain, world champion boxer, Lulu is in her element and is ready to assert her dominance in the game. Jans knows he is an outsider in the group and in a strategic move, offers to carry the black duffle bag with stolen cash for the day. But not long after setting off on their journey the group are caught in a terrifying whiteout and are forced to descend back down to camp. Frustrated by the delay, the six hikers must spend another night at camp, jeopardising their chances of making it to the summit by the deadline.

Day 13 begins, and there’s a break in the weather so the group seizes the opportunity and manage to make inroads into their snow climb. But they’re now significantly behind schedule, so the mountain’s keeper gives the group a helping hand to get across the next glacier: a lift on a 20 meter long line. Lulu volunteers to go first – but when she makes it across the other side of the glacier, she uncovers a message from the mountain’s keeper: the lift across the glacier will come with a cost, and Lulu, being the first one across, will have to decide one person to leave behind along with their cash. Across the other side of the glacier, panic sets in as each hiker is called across one by one until there are only two: Indy and Jans. Lulu decides it’s finally time to get rid of Jans, but at the very last moment Brooke reminds Lulu that Jans is carrying the stolen cash. Unwilling to part with the 300k that Jans has in the black duffle bag, Lulu makes the difficult decision to call Jans across and leave Indy stranded on the mountain.

Now with one less hiker, the group pauses to have a look at the cash they all have a share in. Jans is pleased that his strategy of carrying the money has paid off – against all the odds he is still here. Alex can’t believe Jans has survived and vows to target him next.

As they continue onward up the mountain, the group is given little time to rest as the mountain’s keeper drops another duffle. But this time, she’s been kind and has gifted all of them a call to their loved ones before they make the final gruelling ascent. For each of them, after 13 days on the mountain – the emotion is raw as they connect with their loved ones at home.

But this journey isn’t over yet, and they must continue their snow climb. As group climbs higher and higher, the terrain is becoming more and more dangerous and to continue any further, the they must cross another glacier, this time on foot. The glacier is riddled with deep crevasses, and lying in their path is the most dangerous obstacle yet – a terrifying ladder crossing. Alex, who is last across, is spooked by the sound of the cracking ice around him and struggles across the flimsy ladder

As the group trek on – they come across the final checkpoint and the mood is sombre: one of them is going home. After wanting to get rid of Jans earlier, Lulu believes it might finally be time for him to go. For Brooke, her friendship with Jans has complicated her decision and she is torn over who she will choose. Jans, aware of the danger he is in, will need to use his friendship with Brooke to survive. Jai pays the group a visit and reminds them what is at stake. Only four of them will make it. After trekking 13 days with this crew and on the night before reaching the summit, who will be voted off the mountain and go home with nothing?


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