The Summit gets Revenge

The Summit gets Revenge

Tonight the Mountains Keeper taught the trekkers a very tough lesson.

The 9 remaining hikers pay the price for Jans taunting the Mountains Keeper. She sweeps around a hillside chasing them along a boggy valley, they all must run for their lives with the last one over the line  sent packing. Philip falls on his sword, letting Isaac cross the line before him. It’s an emotional but triumphant farewell for Philip, who is leaving a changed man.  

Isaac is furious with Jans and wants him gone. Jans does all he can to move the target off his back and has success in the most manipulative of ways when he bonds with Brooke over letters from home.

Meanwhile, even though he knows Jans is a dangerous player, Josh decides he needs to be close to everyone for his own safety, even if it means being treacherous himself. In a secretive chat with Jans, they both agree that Brooke and Isaac should be next to go.

The next day, the group have 20kms to hike to the next checkpoint where they can steal someones cash and cut them loose. Sam is incredibly frustrated that they are still half a day behind and he contiunues to let his frustrations show on the hike. That only further serves to move the target onto him from the rest of the group. Brooke in particular is fed up with Sams ‘selfish’ approach and decides he needs to go next.

When they reach Checkpoint 4, shelter and a huge Mexican feast is on offer but Josh is focussed on the money and the chance to steal more. As Josh rolls around in the cash, they tally up the total remaining, $700K.  As they pack the cash away, Jai appears in the distance. Crunch time is coming.

Jai tells them there are two kayaks at the checkpoint but they need two more to cross the lake. They must choose 4 hikers to paddle out and find the other kayaks. 4 will be out on the mission, 4 will remain on shore.

Josh, Indi, Sam and Jans volunteer and Alex, not trusing Sam or Jans, makes sure they’re split up in case they discover a duffel bag. With a vote looming, no one wants Sam or Jans to have that power.

As Indi, Sam, Josh and Jans paddle out, those on shore feel like sitting ducks, particualry Isaac and Brooke who know they are targets. Alex reflects on who he wants to protect and who is a threat. It’s Sam and Jans and he wants them gone.

Out on the lake, Indi spots the extra two kayaks. When they reach them, the first thing Jans says is “are there any bags there?” There aren’t, and the 4 of them head back with the kayaks in tow, Sam and Jans frustrated.

As the kayaks make their final turn, The Mountain’s Keeper sweeps and drops the duffle into the water.  Alex knows this is his moment. He races and dives in, swimming for the bag. Sam and Jans in the kayaks paddle hard, desperate to reach the bag before Alex.

Alex gets there first and they all return to shore. Shivering and wet, Alex drops the bag in front of them all. Everyone knows that whatever is in that bag, will change the game. Alex reads the note and reveals that those that stayed on the land are safe from elimination and will be voting off either Josh, Indy, Sam or Jans.


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