The Summit brings back some Trekers

It’s day eleven and after a dramatic couple of days in which Sam was voted off and stole $10,000 from the prize pot, the group has been rocked by Brooke’s turnaround in bonding with Sam’s greatest ally, Jans. While Brooke insists Jans has been unfairly associated with Sam and that he deserves another chance, Indy, Josh and Alex are concerned that Brooke is becoming a liability by jeopardising the plan to vote off Jans at the next checkpoint.

The seven remaining hikers have covered 165km and now have three days left to reach the summit. There’s only one checkpoint remaining but it’s over 30kms away and they’re almost a day behind schedule. So they need to make up time. As they begin a steep hike, Jans is feeling vulnerable. Despite his new found bond with Brooke, he needs to make connections with the rest of the group to ensure his survival, so he sets his sights on befriending Isaac. As the group are confronted with a huge waterfall crossing, Jans is reminded of how Isaac struggled at the last waterfall, when Isaac’s fear of heights almost prevented him from abseiling down. When Isaac mentions rumours that Josh wanted him gone, Jans seizes on the opportunity to confirm the fact and form a useful ally.

Josh takes charge for the waterfall crossing, knowing there will be plenty of focus on his leadership. It’s too dangerous to cross with the bags on their backs so  Josh opts to throw the bags across, much to the dismay of the group. With Alex throwing from one side and Josh on the other to receive the bags, his plan fails from the start. Jans sees Josh’s failure as good news for him, while Isaac gets increasingly frustrated and vows under his breath to vote Josh off at the next opportunity. Isaac eventually saves the day by suggesting a throwing technique to Alex which enables the group to get the bags across.

With the group wet, cold and tired, Josh knows he could now be in the firing line. And with the second part of the obstacle – a 200m rock climb up the side of the waterfall – towering above them, Josh is keen to prove his mountaineering experience by setting the pace. It doesn’t go to plan and Josh struggles and gets stuck on the cliff face.

Josh eventually pushes through and makes it to the top but with his climb taking two hours he knows that salvation lies in the probability that the others will also struggle on the climb.

Jans leads the charge hoping to prove his place on the mountain over Josh, speeding to the top and inspiring Lulu, Brooke, Alex and Indy to successfully navigate the climb. Josh watches on with increasing anxiety as his fellow hikers make it up, but still believes that Isaac will have a “complete and utter freak out” following his troubles at the last waterfall.

Isaac is feeling the fear but he pushes through, motivated by the knowledge that Josh was out to get him last time round. Josh knows he’s in trouble and as the group cross the snow-line the Mountain’s Keeper hovers above and drops a duffel bag. Jans is first to the bag but he strategically hands it to Isaac. A note instructs the group to run to a nearby chopper where Jai is waiting for them, and the person who gets there first is guaranteed a seat.

Alex is the first to get to the chopper. The others quickly learn there’s only six spaces and one of them will be left behind. Hoping the majority will stick to the plan, Josh nominates Jans for elimination. But when Isaac and Alex splinter off for a side chat, Josh is worried. While Alex is ready to vote off Jans, Isaac makes his intentions clear by explaining to Alex how Josh wanted him gone at the waterfall abseil. Scrambling to protect his place on the mountain, Josh makes Isaac his second nomination. But when it comes to the vote, Isaac puts Josh’s name forward and the whole group, with the exception of Indy, follow suit.

As Josh waves his goodbyes, the chopper takes the remaining six to a campsite at the base of the summit. While they pop champagne and toast to the summit, forces are afoot at the base of the mountain. The eliminated hikers are back. Jai informs them that when it comes to the prize money, they will hold the power and decide how the money is split between those who make it to the top.


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