The Skinner Boys Launches on GO

There’s new content coming to Kids WB this weekend.

Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets is an  Australian -animated adventure follows the exploits of the brave Skinner Boys, who are sworn to protect the world’s greatest mysteries and secrets. When it comes to young heroes, these three heads are much better than one. Famous world explorer Augustus Skinner has died and left the big old Skinner Mansion and its quirky contents to his three teenage grandsons: Charles, Henry and Edward.


Grandfather Skinner also left them a very big surprise: the Skinner Boys are now the Guardians of the Lost Secrets, a priceless collection of rare and irreplaceable artefacts from all over the world that possess incredible powers.


But there’s an even bigger surprise in store – Grandpa Skinner also appointed a fourth Guardian, the boys’ feisty teenage cousin Tara. And as these boys know almost nothing about girls, she’s probably their biggest challenge of all.


 Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets, premieres Sunday, July 6, at 7.30am on GO!