The recruits go fast and the DS get furious as the pressure heats up on SAS Australia

The recruits go fast and the DS get furious as the pressure heats up on SAS Australia

Tonight on SAS Australia, the final five recruits each got behind the wheel for a high octane, high adrenaline exercise, designed to test their ability under pressure.

The tactical driving mission saw recruits drive a VIP, DS Billy Billingham, through simulated hostile territory to a safe location.

Dan Ewing was the only one who decided not to drive through the barrier, failing the task, before going on to try and justify the error to his fellow recruits who had all passed the test.

Questioning his integrity, the DS brought Dan into the Mirror Room, where Foxy pressed him on his inability to own up to his mistakes, saying: “What I saw and heard was you trying to bullsh*t your way out of it because you were embarrassed that you were the only one to reverse out.”

Dan’s denials continued, infuriating Billy who screamed at him to stop trying to back out of it.

“We all make mistakes but we admit them,” said Billy. “The big key is integrity. You had your f*cking chance, I told you you got it wrong. Just take it on the chin. You stand taller by telling us, yeah I f*cked up.”

In another test of resolve under extreme pressure, recruits were surprised with a late night ambush – captured, blindfolded, bound and shackled in a pitch black bunker which replicated a prisoner holding cell. Jana Pittman was first to take the initiative to get out of the potentially life-threatening scenario and, along with John, successfully led the recruits’ escape.

As the only female recruit left on the course, Jana was brought in for questioning by the DS, who asked what’s stopping her from seeing herself at the top.

“As a young person I was very vocal with my ability, and in our country that’s not always something that should be done,” responded Jana. “We like the underdog, we like the person to not be so outwardly confident in their discussions about themselves and I got hammered for that in the press, so now I down talk myself.”

Chief Instructor Ant Middleton told Jana she’s a lioness, encouraging her to keep her spark, saying: “We would like to see you at the end of the course, but that’s not a decision we make. Do not waiver.”