The Race That Stopped The Influencers.

The Race That Stopped The Influencers.

With four teams vying for three spots in the Grand Finale, the stakes had never been higher on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

Racing through the highland jungles of Borneo, the final Intersection saw the teams pair up to collect ingredients and breakfast for the local orangutans.

Angie and Alli were responsible for calling their four hairy breakfast guests – they rang and the orangutans came. Their challenge buddies, Darren and Tristan, prepared the food while having to remember specific details about their orangutans, from their birthdays to favourite foods to fun facts. Darren went bananas over the experience, having dreamt of this moment since reading The Jungle Book as a wee lad.

Nervous wees out of the way, Emma and Hayley were on a mission to be the first all-female team to win the Race, but pairing with Harry and Teddy on this challenge put a bump in that plan as the boys struggled to remember the fruits they prepared, wasting a lot of time.

After finishing last in the previous non-elimination leg, Alli and Angie then had to tackle their Speed Bump, a test of their dexterity and coolness under pressure. The ladies weren’t here to monkey about, managing to smash the challenge out of the jungle.

Harry and Teddy are great at challenges, it’s the getting to challenges that has been their downfall, once again struggling with directions while enroute to the next one, putting them in last place.

Next, the teams headed to the Sarawak River where they had to tightly bind a traditional bamboo raft before paddling six kilometres through rapids and croc infested waters to receive their next clue. After confusing a rock for a crocodile, it was no more fun and games for Darren and Tristan, meanwhile Alli and Angie managed to capsize their raft (did we mention the croc infested waters part?).

At the Roadblock, one member of each team had to compete in a blowpipe challenge to win their final clue.

Darren and Tristan left the blowpipe challenge in first place and were legging it to the Pit Stop, but thanks to a wrong turn, Alli and Angie managed to overtake the boys, allowing the mum and daughter duo to hit the carpet first. Sadly, Harry and Teddy were last to arrive and were eliminated from the Race.


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