The Race That Just Keeps On Racing

Virtual Pit Stop after Virtual Pit Stop, The Amazing Race Australia, just won’t stop, literally.

From Campeche, our racers continued through to Merida with the first two teams to arrive having the power to U-turn another team each. What’s a U-turn you ask? This means the unlucky chosen teams will be required to do both sides of the Detour. Pako and Mori arrived first and U-turned Lauren and Steph, while Toni and Heath arrived second and gave the U-turn to Tiffany and Cynthia.

At the cactus taco Detour, the cacti weren’t the only things that were prickly after Tiffany and Cynthia turned up to do part one of their U-turn. Thankfully Heath and Toni were the first team to leave after successfully making five tacos, meaning they avoided crossing paths with their U-turn victims.

Last night they were eating cockroaches, and tonight they were singing about them. For the chorus Detour, teams had to sing a verse in Spanish of the classic song La Cucaracha and perform with a Mariachi Band. Pako and Mori nailed the challenge before Lauren and Steph turned up to attempt the first part of their U-turn.

On the way to the next challenge located at a cemetery, Heath, Toni, Lauren and Steph all made a grave mistake, getting horribly lost, allowing the other teams to get ahead. Once at the cemetery, each team member had to paint a Day of the Dead Calavera design perfectly onto their partner’s face. Tiffany and Cynthia used their make-up skills to make-up the time, successfully completing the task first.

Teams then journeyed down a traditional Mexican street lined with paper flags, tasked with counting all light pink coloured flags. The teams were anything but tickled pink, having failed numerous attempts to identify the correct number. Eventually, Toni guessed the right number and was given her next clue. She then shared the correct answer with the rest of the teams making it an all-teams race to the finish.

At the Pit Stop, Kelly and Georgia narrowly beat Heath and Toni for first place before being told they would all need to continue racing in the second back-to-back Virtual Pit Stop. Teams will once again not rest before the next leg, but one team who didn’t have to worry about that was Chelsea and Jamus who were unfortunately last to step on to the mat and were subsequently eliminated from The Race.

On Sunday, six exhausted teams push on through Mexico, but with another potential elimination looming, every decision counts.


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