The Race Takes A Fantastic Turn.

The Race Takes A Fantastic Turn.

Tonight, The Amazing Race Australia saw our seven remaining teams head to Hobart.

For their first challenge at The Wrest Point Casino, teams created a house of cards, five storeys high, using three decks of cards. The Siblings called for a check first, but were told they had forgotten to use one of the cards in the deck. As they scrambled to add it to the top of the pile, the whole structure came crashing down. Some would say, like a house of cards.


In their next challenge, teams had to abseil from the top of the casino, cleaning three rows of windows on the way down. As a qualified abseil instructor SkyeBlue hit the jackpot with this sky-high challenge and absolutely breezed through. Unfortunately for The Geek and The Princess, Aleisha forgot to clean one of her windows, which meant Chris needed to swing, Mission Impossible-style, across the side of the building in order to complete the challenge.


As the first team to complete the task, The Siblings were given the chance to complete a Fast Forward, which saw them head straight to the Pit Stop while the rest of the teams continued in the Race. Once our eyes recovered from seeing Beau’s bare bottom, The Siblings stripped down to their birthday suits (something no sibling should ever have to see!) and swam out to a pontoon in order to collect their next clue.


For the rest of the teams, the Roadblock saw teams climb and correctly count the 318 steps in a tower. The Gold Coast Girls purchased a Tasmanian guide book, that just happened to point out the exact number of steps in the tower.


Poor Dolor miscounted and had to start again. And again. And again. We get how you feel Dolor, we too lost count of how many times you had to redo the stairs.


It was on to the Detour next where teams chose between Sweets or Spirits. Teams that chose Sweets, licked a board covered in 4.5kg of chocolate to reveal the location of their next clue. Teams that chose Spirits had to assemble a whisky barrel.


Once teams had completed their tasks, they were off to the Pit Stop aboard a replica of the 220-year-old Lady Nelson tall ship. Thanks to their Fast Forward nudie run, The Siblings were the first team to check in, followed by The Footy Mates and The Geek and the Princess.


Sadly, Holly and Dolor were the last team to reach the Pit Stop which meant their time on the Race was over.