The Project March 31 – April 4

The Project March 31 – April 4

Mythbuster’s Adam Savage, Denise Scott, Tom Gleeson, Jason Byrne. are all guests on  The Project this week.

We speak to Mythbuster Adam Savage ahead of his first-ever Australian tour, which kicks off in August. Now in its ninth season, Adam and Jamie Hyneman will bring their all-new live show Mythbusters: Behind the Myths to their Australian fans with on-stage experiments, audience participation, rocking videos and behind-the-scenes stories.

To celebrate the best of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, across the week we bring you some of the festival’s finest. Denise Scott, Tom Gleeson, Irish funny man David O’Doherty, Jason Byrne and breakout comedy star Luke McGregor will join us at the desk for a laugh.

Plus Hyla sits down with the stars of The Lego Movie: Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett.

6.30pm weeknights on TEN.



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