The President Show comes to Comedy

Continuing in Comedy Central’s grand tradition of producing ground-breaking late night television, a new weekly topical seriesThe President Showwith a Trump-ian spin – is premiering on The Comedy Channel within days of the US broadcast.

Creator Anthony Atamanuik plays “Donald J. Trump” and is host of The President Show – a unique platform which bypasses the “crooked media” and lets “Trump” speak direct from the Oval Office.


Speaking about the upcoming series “Trump” declared, “Hosting my own late night show will be easy, but then everything’s easy for me, like repealing Obama Care, banning Muslims and defeating Isis in 30 days – that was so easy.”

Each week “Trump” will hold a White House press conference laying out his agenda and fielding questions from reporters. “Trump” will then sit at the Oval Office desk, with his sidekick Mike Pence (played by Peter Grosz) on the couch, to recap the week’s “executive orders” and highlights. “Trump” will also venture out of the White House, and welcome a weekly guest to spar with, before sharing his parting thoughts at the end of each episode.


Foxtel will premiere the eight-episode series, The President Show, Wednesdays from May 3 at 8.30pm on The Comedy Channel