The Other Guy season 2 Review

The Other Guy season 2 Review

This week Stan begins a summer of originals with a fresh season of The Other Guy. When we last saw AJ (Matt Okine) at the end of season one, his life was a bit of a mess – he lost his job at the radio station, it turned out his best friend Stevie (Harriet Dryer) knew about the affair between AJ’s best mate Henry (Luke Ford) and his long-term girlfriend Olivia (Valene Kane), and then there’s the possibility that AJ’s actually a father.

When we jump back into AJ’s life in season two, five months have passed and he’s now homeless after having crashed in his former co-host, Sam’s (Michael Hing) baby’s room. In need of a job, his manager Miranda (Claudia Karvan) suggests a reality TV stint, but things don’t go to plan and soon AJ is approached about making a TV show about his own life. It seems like a good opportunity to get back on top, but how do you make a show about your life without angering everyone else around you? Spoiler alert – you can’t, and hilarity naturally ensues.

Meanwhile, when tragedy turns Stevie’s life upside down, she inherits a caravan that will shape her as the season progresses. AJ also finds a potential new love interest in the form of Charlie (Lily Sullivan), who he meets in the most unexpected way.

In the first three episodes watched for this review, we get answers to the lingering season one questions and the groundwork for season two is laid, which is one of surprises and character growth.

Matt Okine gives an incredibly measured performance as AJ, but it’s Harriet Dryer’s Stevie who steals the show this season, especially in the first episode.  Lily Sullivan and Claudia Kervan also slot into this season with ease. The writing is sharp and funny and you’ll be laughing hard throughout the season.

The second dose of The Other Guy is a welcome return and a solid start to a summer of Stan originals.

3 Stars

The Other Guy returns to Stan on Friday.