The Love Stories Begin On The Bachelors Australia

The Love Stories Begin On The Bachelors Australia

A new city, with a new rose and three dapper new Bachelors with engagement rings at the ready. Welcome to The Bachelors Australia where love will blossom and hearts will inevitably be broken.

Arriving at a mansion empty of the usual red carpet chaos, Jed, Thomas and Felix were told they were about to go on a number of blind dates with beautiful, intelligent women with the hope of inviting them back to the mansion to get to know them better.

Sporting 10 roses each, dates ranged from awkward AF to the perfectly romantic and a little too raunchy. In the end, 30 ladies entered the GC mansion’s welcome drinks where confusion was rampant.

Eventually realising there was not one, not two, but three Bachelors to fall in love with, the mansion was sent into a tailspin. But little did the ladies looking for love know, there was a bigger surprise to come.


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