The Living Room September 6

The Living Room September 6

This Week The Living Room has everything you need to get you through the weekend.


Renovation for Profit with Barry: Front Façade

Renovating Profit guru Cherie Barber is back and this week she meets up with first-time property investors Jacquie and Murray. They have bought the worst house in the best street of a gorgeous coastal town in NSW, but their two-bedroom purchase has seen better days. The faux red brick cladding is falling away, the rooms are old and musty and the windows are in a real state of disrepair. It’s virtually a knockdown, but they want to fix it up and rent it out. It’s their first step on the property investment ladder and they only have $6,500 to spend. Perception is everything, and our expert Cherie thinks their money is best spent on improving the street appeal of the property. But is 3 days and $6,500 enough to uplift the value and release the equity they need to renovate inside?


Food with Miguel: Kosciuszko Sticky Date

The hills are alive this week as Miguel heads to the mountains in search of Australia’s best Schnapps. The Wild Brumby Schnapps Distillery, just 25 minutes from Thredbo in NSW, distills over 16 varieties of this traditional mountain tipple, but it’s their famous Butter Scotch Schnapps that chef Miguel is after to make his Sticky Date Pudding with a sensational Butter Scotch sauce. This sticky and sweet dessert is an Aussie classic, but the hint of Schnapps will have you coming back for more.


Health with Dr Andrew Rochford: Snoring

We like to deny it, but half of Aussies snore. It can be annoying for our bedfellows, but it’s a serious health issue that has been linked to sleep deprivation, irritation, heart disease and sleep apnea. For the Davenport family, it’s dad Grant’s rhythmic roaring that is affecting everyone in the house. Dr Andrew Rochford is paying them a house call armed with a night vision camera and decibel monitor to test Grant’s sleeping patterns and his findings show that sleeping with Grant is like snuggling up to a jackhammer. To find out if there’s something more sinister going on, Grant spends a night at Woolcock Institute of Medical Research where experts explore his snore. Sleep apnea is the diagnosis he and wife Mandy fear the most, so will it be good news or bad for our human foghorn?


Pets with Dr Chris

It’s a ball of furry fun on TLR tonight as Chris showcases bunnies doing what bunnies do best: hopping . Rabbit Hopping is one of Australia’s fastest growing animal fads and to demonstrate, we have the Australian Rabbit Hopping long jump champion right here in studio. Watch as Maximus and owner Sharee attempt to break his record. Plus, Chris answers a call from a concerned and confused owner whose dachshund is obsessed with licking everything.

7::30 Friday on Ten