The Living Room September 20

The Living Room this week has more from Dr Chris Brown on the Cook Islands.

Travel With Chris Brown: Cook Island 3

Why are the last few hours of your holiday always a dud? This week our intrepid travel reporter Chris discovers the alternatives to passing the last few hours of your holiday stuck in the airport.  After a week in the Cook Islands lazing in the sun, Chris sets himself the unique challenge of completing three tasks in just three hours: make a difference, meet an important person and have an unforgettable experience. So what does Cook Islands’ Prime Minister say when Chris comes knocking on his door? And does Chris survive the experience of a 767 jet blast? It’s the best three hours of his holiday so far.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Turbo

To celebrate the release of DreamWorks’ new animated feature Turbo, Miguel are creates a Turbo themed birthday party every child dreams of.  With a little help from the expert cake makers from Sweet Art, Miguel learns the secrets of creating a 3D kid’s birthday cake.  Next it’s on to the party food and Miguel whips up some healthy Mexican food kids can’t resist. With James Treble in charge of the party decorations and games, together they create a Turbo themed backyard wonderland that will have parents inspired and kids in awe. It’s a day of Turbo charged birthday fun that will keep our birthday boy and five of his friends talking until their teens.

Renovations with Barry Du Bois: Take Home Baz

Baz is on the Bunnings shelf again this week offering up his expert advice, and it’s lucky Linda who gets the opportunity to take home TLR’s builder extraordinaire. A keen DIY dabbler, Linda has a few tough tasks around the house that she’s left in the ‘too hard’ basket. Baz and his right hand man Dylan show her how to fix an uneven floor in the bathroom, re-wire a torn fly screen and build decking over a dangerous back step.

Amanda Keller with Collector, Russell Tate

This week Amanda discovers the kid’s toy collection that became one man’s passion.  Robot collector and illustrator Russell Tate shows off his army of vintage ‘50s and ‘60s robots that has become more of an obsession than a collection.  Inspired by his first purchase of ‘50s Japanese comic-hero-turned-robot Astro Boy, Russell now has over 60 treasured classic collectables, but by far his favourite is Ultraman Leo, the star of a 1970s Japanese TV series, complete with a Flock of Seagulls hairdo and light up eyes.

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