The Living Room November 27

The Living Room November  27

This week The Living Room has a Christmas episode full of celebrity guests.

Guests  for the 90-minute extravaganza   include Olivia Phyland and Scott Tweedie from The Loop, Kellyn Morris from Totally Wild, Alan Fletcher from Neighbours, Tej from The Great Australian Spelling Bee and Entertainment Reporter Angela Bishop.

Renovation with Barry Du Bois: Christmas Reno
Barry renovates the backyard of the Buckley family who lost their husband and dad in a shocking accident 12 months ago. The Buckley family have four children under the age of 11 and are in desperate need of a backyard for the kids to play in. Barry pulls out all the stops to ensure this yard is something special for everyone.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Christmas Feast
Miguel prepares a delicious three-course Christmas feast of seafood, turkey and a layered ice cream cake. He prepares most of the dishes in the kitchen before finishing them off on the barbeque.

7:30pm Friday on Ten .