The Living Room March 30

This week’s Living Room will have the original team back together. 

A very special night is on the way as Dr. Chris Brown and Barry Du Bois are given the warmest of welcomes back onto the couch and into an all-new set.

Chris may have only just arrived home from the African jungle, but that does not stop him from jet-setting to Bali on a mission to find his inner-balance. Experiencing everything from pokes and prods from a traditional Balinese healer to mud wrestling with the locals, Chris takes a thorough look at the wellness holiday trend taking Indonesia by storm.


Back doing what he loves best, Barry helps renovate the kitchen of grandmother Geraldine, Australia’s oldest DIY fanatic, who conducted her own renos 50 years ago but wants to freshen things up for the home’s new owners: her son Adam and his wife Eloise.

It would not be a Good Friday episode without a little chocolate, so Miguel heads off to meet chocolatier maestro Michelle Morgan, who runs him through the entire process from bean to block, before Miguel tries his hand at making some delicious brownies.

 The Living Room airs 7:30 pm Friday on Ten