The Living Room June 26

The Living Room June 26

The Living Room again retains the services of Jamie Durie.

Gardens with Jamie Durie: Garden 1 – Casula
Jamie Durie joins The Living Room for a series of garden makeovers and his first garden is a true blank canvas. Home-owner Vikram and his wife have attempted to transform their own garden, resulting in mismatched pots containing half dead plants and lots of weeds. Embarrassed by their garden, they close their blinds when friends come over. Enter Jamie Durie and their entire backyard is transformed in two days.

Wow House with Barry Du Bois: The Southern Outlet House – Tasmania
Barry travels to Tasmania to find a unique, architect-designed home. The Southern Outlet House looks more like a colourful billboard on a busy Launceston road-side than a wonderful family home. Renegade architect Phillip Dingemanse gives Barry the tour and reveals contemporary andcolourful masterpiece.

Food with Miguel Mastre: Skillet Cookie
To spend the day at one of Australia’s most famous chocolate and confectionery creators is every child’s Willy Wonka dream. Miguel invites six lucky children along to the Darrell Lea factory to teach them how to bake a giant cookie in a skillet using any sweets they can find in the place. With all that sugar it could be a recipe for disaster.

Travel with Chris Brown: Cornish Wrestling
When travelling the world, Chris likes to immerse himself in different cultures. His mantra is “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. In the past he has run semi-naked through the streets of Japan, had fish attack his body in Borneo and had a medieval sword fight, fully kitted out in a suit of armour. So when he was working as a vet in Cornwall recently, he couldn’t say no when challenged to take a on a young champion in about of Cornish wrestling.

7:30pm Friday on Ten