The Living Room June 12

The Living Room June 12

This week The Living Room has a special guest presenter in Jamie Durie.

Renovation With Barry Du Bois: Design Challenge

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is its soul.  In this Dining Room Design Challenge designers Barry Du Bois and James Treble go head to head to create the most stylish, affordable and smart dining room.

Wow House With Jamie Durie: Modernist Palm Springs

Jamie Durie, one of Australia’s best loved TV personalities joins The Living Room for a series of garden makeovers.  Before he heads home, Jamie takes us on a tour of his second home in Los Angeles during Modernism week.  Jamie and LA local Michael Stern then take us through Palm Springs, the mid-century modern architecture hot spot and visit Frank Sinatra’s former home.


Travel With Chris Brown: Cricket Liu

Chris is in Beijing to visit China’s most famous cricket breeder, Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu has been breeding insects and crickets all his life in line with an ancient tradition that stretches back one thousand years. Mr. and Mrs. Liu welcome Chris into their home in the ancient Hutong district to introduce him to their cricket collection before serving him a traditional home cooked meal.


Food With Miguel Maestre: San Remo Pasta

Miguel and Chef Adam Swanson are asked to create the ultimate traditional lasagna using a secret recipe from Adam’s childhood. The tough judge will be Pina, a Calabrian born Italian who has her own YouTube cooking channel.


Whose House With Amanda Keller: Craig Mclachlan

Amanda meets Craig ‘Dr Frank-N-Furter’ McLachlan in his dressing room backstage to chat about his role in The Rocky Horror Show.  Dressed to impress Craig serenades Amanda with a series of hit songs from the show before giving her an unexpected transformation.

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