The Living Room August 16

The Living Room August 16

This week on The Living Room there is a bit of everything.

Travel: Lord Howe Unusual Island
Lord Howe Island is part of NSW, but you won’t find a place like this anywhere on mainland Australia. This laid-back, friendly island is known for its honesty policy, so our intrepid traveller Chris Brown sets out to see how much he can
see and do with an I.O.U. Leaving his wallet at home, Chris navigates his way around the island by borrowed bike, snorkels the crystal clear waters with gear on loan and manages to swap his vet skills for a gourmet lunch. It’s a day of unexpected surprises that ends with an honest drink, watching a spectacular sunset. It doesn’t cost a thing, but the experience is priceless.

Food: Daylesford Bangers & Mash
The stunning Victorian region of Daylesford is famous for its natural mineral springs and wholesome cooking traditions. Since the 1850s, the spicy bull boar sausage has been a local favourite. Made from pork and beef, they were introduced to the area by the Swiss Italian migrants. Chef Miguel meets up with local pork farmer Tammi to learn the secrets of her trademark bull boar sausages. Then it’s a taste sensation as Miguel treats the whole family to his
tasty bull boar bangers and mash.

Health: Beating the winter blues
Dr Andrew Rochford shares a little ray of sunshine as he shows us how to battle the winter blues. He ropes in a group of city workers to get out and about, experiencing the positive effects of sunshine, exercise and close contact with others. Find out if free hugs really can make you feel happier when the winter weather gets you down.

Reno: Reno for Profit 5
Renovating for profit expert Cherie Barber is back this week faced with one of her toughest assignments yet. Homeowner Danni, a student nurse, has caught the property bug and needs help turning a profit on her first investment, a pint-sized inner city studio apartment. Danni’s big plan is to convert the studio into a petite one-bedder, but with strata restrictions impeding her plans, guru Cherie needs to come up with a winning floor plan to get it right. Will Cherie’s plan be enough to pull a profit out of the smallest space she’s tackled so far?

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