The Living Room August 30

The Living Room August 30

The Living Room will have a little bit of everything this week.


It’s a food special in The Living Room this week as the top three MasterChef Australia finalists stop by the studio to reveal all about their time so far on the cooking show. This Father’s Day Miguel takes on four dads who rate their ribs in a BBQ cook-off of epic proportions. They’re all working with the same amount of pork but these dads know their stuff and have the secret recipes to back it up. Pulling out all the stops with their special ingredients, Miguel and his challengers dry rub, baste, braise and BBQ their ribs to perfection, before their families decide the winner in a blind tasting. It’s down to the wire as the final judgment call is made by five-year-old Keanu. Will Miguel show these rib masters ‘who’s their Daddy’?


This week Chris Brown puts the fun in Father’s Day for four dedicated dads, Ex-rockers Matt, Dave and Joe. He promises them a beer tasting at The Carlton United Brewery, but before they can take a sip, he changes his plans. They swap a day of drinking for a day of thrills and spills with a monster four wheel drive course that will test their driving ability and Chris’ nerves.  Will they perform and survive the drive and earn that well deserved beer?


Doting Dad of four, Pat, loves his kids and loves his flicks. Wife Renee knows he needs a place to get away from it all and watch his favourite action films. But the room they had set aside to become his ‘man cave home theatre’ is cluttered and used for storing old bits of furniture. She wants to help him achieve his dream Hollywood style home theatre for Father’s Day and has sent out an SOS to Baz. The room is ideal and their brief is simple, but Baz wants to blow their socks off with his design. Only Renee gets the brief. Pat will help with construction, before being locked out of the room as it’s finished off. He has no idea what he’s in store for.

7:30 PM Friday on Ten



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