The Living Room August 23

The Living Room August 23

What’s Kerri-Anne Kennerley doing in The Living Room? And Where’s Amanda?


This week the spicy Spanish chef Miguel Maestre meets up with Masterchef’s George Calombaris for a sporting food challenge.  Both soccer fanatics, the chefs go head-to-head in a penalty shoot-out to decide who cooks lunch. George takes Miguel down and heads into the kitchen to whip up a mouth-watering celebration and shares a simple and delicious salad recipe that’s a slimmer’s secret.



It’s travel with a twist this week as Amanda sends Chris on an unforgettable trip to Melbourne.  Armed with a list of challenges set by Amanda, Chris makes his mark on the city courtesy of a graffiti art project and joins a training session with some of Melbourne’s fittest men, the St Kilda Saints. It’s then off to Fitzroy’s famous Kodak bar for a ‘Hot Wings Challenge’ against local competitive eating champion ‘Hungry Haddo’. After being sent around the entire city, going through a footy boot camp and then consuming 40 hot wings, Chris decides to take his revenge on Amanda – and boy, does he do just that.



Feeling ho-hum about your financial future and retirement? This week money wiz Jason Cunningham shares his top three financial tips for living large in our later years. Forty-something couple Lisa and Tim are our guinea pigs and Jason is giving them a full financial check-up. Will he help secure their financial future or will his advice be the wakeup call of a lifetime?



Setting the Design Challenge is Jenna and Andrew who are expecting their first baby and want an expert’s eye on the spare bedroom that they want to convert into a nursery. Going head-to-head is our designer extraordinaire, James Treble, and the challenger, Romy Alwill. They’ve faced-off once before and Romy came off second best – and this time neither one is going down without a fight. Our couple has no idea what they want, but they know what they don’t like… colour, trendy things, and themes! But there’s one design clue that’s blatantly evident…Brit Jenna is obsessed with all things English and Royal. Which designer will read the clues and get the design right?

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