The Living Room August 15

The Living Room August 15

The Living Room checks in with last years Bachelor  tomorrow night .

Renovation with Barry DuBois:
It is official: The Bachelor’s very own Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich
are moving in together. The problem is, Tim’s apartment is more of a bachelor pad than a love nest for two. Barry is called in to help create the perfect space for the pair. Will Barry’s plans for the apartment meet Tim’s approval? And will he be forced to part ways with his beloved pool table?

Food with Miguel Maestre:
Miguel goes behind the scenes of the Rocky Mountaineer kitchen to discover the ultimate meals on wheels. Executive Chef Jean Pierre Guerrin serves five star Canadian cuisine to over 100,000 visitors a year. Using only local produce, Guerrin creates a sensational Alberta beef tenderloin, while Miguel dishes out a Canadian salmon scallopini with white wine sauce.

Travel with Chris Brown:
Chris and Miguel are all aboard the Rocky Mountaineer for a five star locomotive experience. On a one kilometre train it is easy to lose your travel buddy, but it is just as easy to get lost in the adventure. While Chris takes in the spectacular scenery on offer, Miguel gets swept up in the gold leaf lifestyle.

Whose House with Amanda Keller:
Some people have unusual collections but Carol Tan tops the lot. Amanda heads to Melbourne to visit Carol’s home which is chock-a-block with over 3,500 cow related items. From the cute and kitsch, to the downright bizarre, her udderly amazing home is most amooosing.

7:30pm Friday on Ten.



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