The Living Room april 19

The Living Room has it all from Traveling to cooking and Rebel Wilson this week.

This week, Rebel Wilson drops into the studio. Amanda Keller gets the lowdown on life in Hollywood for America’s favourite Australian comedy sweetheart. Together, they pick out a rather fetching ensemble for Dr Chris Brown to wear on the show, but midriff showing crop tops are not his usual look.


A short flight from the Cook Islands capital, Rarotonga, is the hidden treasure of the Pacific: Atiu. It’s an island paradise that few travellers venture to, but Chris is headed there on a mission. Known by locals as the “Island of the Birds”, it’s the only place in the world you will find the rare and endangered Kopeka, a tiny bird that uses echolocation to find its way in the dark. In search of the Kopeka, Chris descends underground into Atiu’s caves and finds more than he bargained for.


Two years ago the Australian banana industry was decimated by Cyclone Yasi, sending banana prices skyrocketing and putting a dampener on our national love for the banana. Miguel Maestre is on a one-man mission to bring back the banana. He visits a local Far North Queensland banana grower and takes a truckload of bananas from the farm to the people.

When his Free Banana roadside stand fails to shift the stock, Miguel comes up with a delicious plan B, a banoffee pie to die for. At the stunning Cairns Esplanade, Miguel whips up banoffee pies for the locals and claims victory over Yasi with his one-man banana revival.


Our designer extraordinaire, James Treble, is in for double trouble as he goes head to head with Salvage Sisters, Katy and Tilly, the queens of up-cycling. Daria, busy mum to Davie and Frankie, not only wants her spare room as the children’s play room, but she is also after room she can use as a guest bedroom. Both designers will create a room but Daria can choose just one.

7:30 PM Friday on TEN

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